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Our 50 years of combined expert legal practise and knowledge helps Cora Lynn’s real estate property buyers and sellers with fast, efficient conveyancing services.

Our fees are competitive with our conveyancing solicitors offering professional specialist property conveyancing Victoria wide.

All work is performed in-house by experienced friendly professionals, making your transaction cost effective and safe. Our top priority – helping you achieve a hassle free transaction. Here’s why we are Cora Lynn’s most popular conveyancer:

Cora Lynn Conveyancing Services

How to choose a conveyancer with our insider tips
how to choose the best conveyancing solicitors for selling my house?

We Take Care Of Your Property Conveyancing In Cora Lynn And Surrounds

Here at South East Conveyancing, our solicitors have the benefit of many years of hands on experience. Between them, they have seen every type of contract possible… The upside for you, they can competently address every aspect of your real estate property buying and selling needs. We can confidently say, we are the best conveyancer Officer has to offer. Our seasoned solicitors share 50 years of combined experience between them.

No Outsourcing To Other Countries

These days, a lot of conveyancing companies outsource clients contracts to other countries. We promise you we will never do that. We are a small dynamic firm and our in-house work is dedicated to offering you a value based, efficient service. A friendly service which takes care of Contract of Sale processing, Section 32 paperwork and your unique conveyance situation.

Easy Online Conveyancing: Conveyancing Near Me

One of the many questions we are asked is ” I am so busy, do I have to come to your office?”

We understand. Between deciding to buy or sell a property, work commitments and family time, it can feel ovewhelming! Here’s where we can step in and help you so you have one less thing to deal with.

Communicate Online

Did you know our service can be conveniently conducted entirely via phone calls and emails? Whether you live in Narre Warren, Pakenham or Cranbourne, the online conveyancing process is convenient. Plus, you can track your transaction via PEXA which is an Electronic Lodgment Network (ELN) for electronic settlement of real property transactions.

Local Doesn’t Mean The Best Service

People think you need to go local because that’s how it’s always been done. But, that’s not the case anymore. The ease of online conveyancing means the entire process can be done from the comfort of home, or your phone. Wouldn’t you rather choose the best conveyancer to look after you?

We Handle All Types Of Conveyancing In and Around Cora Lynn

We don’t specialise in one limited area. Our conveyancing solicitors handle all types of conveyancing works for purchases and sales of real estate properties anywhere within Victoria. And that includes homes, units, farm and rural land, commercial business and strata titles and more…

Ask Us How We Can Help

Our easy to use online service means no more stress about making time to see us, or shuffling through paperwork. In fact, once  you choose us to do your work, you can communicate with us entirely online. Give us an obligation free call today and ask us how we can help.

You can confidently go about your day and relax while we do all the hard work.

Our in-house solicitors at South East Conveyancing make sure your assets and interests are protected. As soon as you hire us to work for you – from start to finish- settlement date. We want you to be able to say that was a great experience!

Buying / Selling Property Can Be Stressful

Am I doing the right thing, what do I need to provide, how do I know the advice I am getting is right?

Deciding to buy or sell can be emotional journey, and you may have a lot invested in the process. There’s a lot to take care of, which is why having a strong team to support you removes a lot of the unknown aspects.

Some Say Life Changing

People often say buying or selling real estate is Life changing! And it is – you may be selling the family farm, up sizing, downsizing, tree changing, moving interstate or buying a business…. You need to feel confident in the knowledge your interests are competently taken care.

All Our Work Is Conducted In-House

We only practice in-house conveyancing, which means we take pride in making sure we offer you the best service around. When you search for conveyancer near me, read our reviews

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Local Conveyancers

Our Victorian based conveyancers make sure nothing goes wrong.
conveyancing solicitor moe for commercial business conveyancing contract section 32

Professional Indemnity Insurance

You are protected. Professional indemnity insurance covers all our service and Search Certificates.
moe conveyancer for business conveyancing

We Handle The Legal Work

We competently handle all the relevant legal paperwork for you.
we offer fast conveyancing as your conveyancing solicitor moe

All Correspondence

We communicate with all 3rd parties involved for you.
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Relax, We've Got This

You can relax and make plans for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Property Conveyancing

Q: How Long Does Conveyancing Take?

Many first-time homebuyers are surprised how long the process of purchasing a property can actually take. The expected time frame can typically take between 8 and 12 weeks. This from first instructing your conveyancer to actually moving into your new home. Keep in mind time frames will vary.

If the conveyancer’s searches uncover unexpected information, further work may be needed.

Q: What Do Conveyancing Fees Include?

Conveyancing is the legal process that ensures payments are sent and received correctly and the appropriate paperwork is in order with the property.

There’s a great deal of work involved with conveyancing. For example: a large part of the work involves a number of title searches, scrutinizing contracts, working closely with your buyer/seller’s conveyancers or solicitors, and communicating with estate agents.
Here is a detailed list of what  a conveyancer does for you.

Q: What Happens When I Ask For A Quote?

After welcoming you, we like to ask a few questions to target exactly which services you require. For example, key questions asked will cover aspects such as: What type of property conveyancing, domestic, rural, farming, industrial, commercial do you need? What are the  critical dates, or time frames? Do you need a contract? Are you happy with your contract? Have you experienced the conveyancing process previously? and so on.

We use this information to prepare the best quote possible for your unique situation. Every situation is unique, so we listen carefully.

Q: Will The Same Person Take Care Of Me ?

We take your confidence and trust in us seriously. Buying and selling any type of property is one of the most important things in life and we ensure professional and friendly service to warrant a smooth transaction.

You’ll have our professional team working for you including a Licensed Conveyancer who’ll be your main contact person throughout. You can rest assured you’re being taken care of.

Q: What And Why Are Searches Important?

Searches are Legal Certificates disclosing all the necessary property legalities you need for the property transaction to go ahead. These cover rates and  financial amounts owed. Searches give your professional conveyancer full scope to do their detective work to safely manage any risks to you.

Limited searches means possible issues which may not be discovered. We may recommend optional searches. For example, a Building Approval Search will reveal any Permit issued within the last 10 years – but does not of course disclose any works which may have been carried out without a Building Permit. You don’t want a letter from the Council ordering you to tear it down. These searches are optional as they are an extra cost.

Q: We See Others Offering Cheaper Fees

Some conveyancing firms may say their fees are Less Expensive. The risk to you means they may not obtain full detailed information affecting the property. The danger is you may not be protected against the risks associated with purchasing a Property.

At South East Conveyancing we guarantee never to compromise on search quality for your protection. Our Searches maximise your valuable protection.

Remember this will most likely be the largest financial purchase you’ll make in your life. We strongly recommend investing in protection to give you peace of mind and confidence.

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Our Philosophy

Here at South East Conveyancing we are dedicated to providing you with clear transparent communication with all the expertise and experience you would expect of an expensive, top notch law firm.
We make it our mission to help our customers reach settlement stress free and as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our years of experience with our in house, dedicated and fully licensed team in Victoria specialise solely in property transactions. We do not outsource your conveyancing to other countries.  You can rest assured the sale, purchase or transfer of what could be one of your most valuable assets will be smooth and stress free!

South East Conveyancing

50 years of results based experience, means we take pride in providing you with a stress free, professional and friendly service.

Let us ensure a smooth transaction when buying or selling your property.

We offer full service conveyancing for your:
Vacant Block
Strata Title
Commercial Real Estate
Rural Property

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