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Our Conveyancers at are a dynamic and highly experienced team. Between us we offer a combined 50 years of hands on experience and we can safely say, we have seen every type of contract and experience possible. We handle all conveyancing from residential, commercial and rural.

And let us say: there have been some curly ones we have worked through!  We are committed to delivering you an exceptional customer experience.

Whether you’re an excited first home buyer, buying or selling property or needing a stress free business transaction, chat with us and ask us how we can help you.

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We love what we do! Every contract is different and we like getting to know our customers. All work is handled by our experienced, licensed conveyancers and we do not outsource to other countries. We would like to help you through this often / sometimes stressful process.

You can be assured your property transfer will proceed smoothly and be completed with the highest degree of professionalism and customer service.

So, where are you off to today, having a tree change to the country, downsizing, selling to move north or buying that long cherished business dream…

How to choose a conveyancer with our insider tips
how to choose the best conveyancing solicitors for selling my house?
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South East Conveyancing will be with you every step of the way through the entire property transfer process to ensure everything runs without a hitch. We make sure communication is regular and transparent so you know what is happening. We give you an estimate of fees you may incur, including Stamp Duty and registration charges.

We thoroughly prepare all necessary documentation, including Transfer of Land and any declarations required by the State Revenue Office. Our conveyancing team will then ensure all relevant parties receive their required documentation, properly completed. Finally, we’ll follow up during the settlement process to ensure the house deed transfer has been completed correctly.

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People ask how does the conveyancing process work? We deliver most of our services to you over the phone, through the post and online.  This includes dealing with those other parties involved in your property transaction, organising and submitting the numerous legal documents required for you, as well as preparing and reviewing contracts to protect your interests

We can’t guarantee that there won’t be hiccups. There may be some minor hitches from time to time as conveyancing is a complicated process. Sometimes searches can highlight previously hidden aspects. However, we do guarantee we will manage the process, acting proactively to minimise any stress points for you.

Things to Think About When Choosing A Licensed Conveyancer

We’ve all heard the horror stories of unprofessional representatives not doing their conveyancing jobs properly. Deciding on a Licensed Conveyancer who will competently help you every step of the way of your sale or purchase is hard. As a first time property buyer or seller, you don’t know what to expect from the maze of legal red tape! This is what we often hear from clients: How do we know which is the best offer/s from either conveyancers or solicitors? How do we know our property transaction will be done correctly?

Read about the Role Your Conveyancer Plays

At South East Conveyancing, we understand your concerns! Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering you value and highly competitive conveyancing fees. We know you don’t want to spend more money than you have to unnecessarily. In saying value, we mean what’s the best way of balancing costs with protection and what you are prepared to pay.  

Like to learn more about the Section 32 Statement?

Our quotes aim to strike this satisfactory balance.

Some Other Things You Should Take Into Consideration


As a legal conveyancing firm, are required to hold the requisite professional indemnity insurance. What this means for you: you are legally protected in every way and our work is covered, providing you with greater protection at every stage.

Years Of Experience

We are pleased and proud to be able to say we offer the services of a team of highly experienced professionals with years of hands on experience. They have seen it all and there is nothing they have cannot handle competently. Our team are dedicated to the many facets of conveyancing and the most essential part for you,  on time settlement of your property.

These insider tips will help you choose the best conveyancer for your needs

In an ever changing legal industry, we make it a point to keep up with the latest legislation and professional compliance.

Call us for a friendly chat today.

Our Philosophy

Here at South East Conveyancing we are dedicated to providing you with clear transparent communication with all the expertise and experience you would expect of an expensive, top notch law firm.
We make it our mission to help our customers reach settlement stress free and as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our years of experience with our in house, dedicated and fully licensed team in Victoria specialise solely in property transactions. We do not outsource your conveyancing to other countries.  You can rest assured the sale, purchase or transfer of what could be one of your most valuable assets will be smooth and stress free!

South East Conveyancing

50 years of results based experience, means we take pride in providing you with a stress free, professional and friendly service.

Let us ensure a smooth transaction when buying or selling your property.

We offer full service conveyancing for your:
Vacant Block
Strata Title
Commercial Real Estate
Rural Property

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