Who better than local experts with thorough knowledge of the area and skilled in all facets of conveyancing to hold your hand and competently deal with all aspects of property conveyancing? When choosing South East Conveyancing, we offer you a seamless end to end first class service that removes the hassle and emotional stress out of property settlement.

We understand buying and selling property is one of the most important things you may experience in life.

Expert Professional
Local Advice

You will receive experienced advice which is local and property conveyancing that ensures your legalities are dealt with professionally. No matter how complicated, we make sure the entire process is as seamless as possible to ensure a smooth transaction.

We guarantee there are no hidden conveyancing fees or surprise extras with our work. From your Vendors Statement, also known as the Section 32 Statement, to the final settlement. With expertise across all areas and thorough understanding of the Sale of Land Act 1962, South East Conveyancing offers you a professional service above all others. We are members of the Australian Institute Of Conveyancers.

We know people are busy these days. We completely understand. Our service can be conveniently conducted entirely via phone calls and emails. Our personal service means no more spending an entire day feeling stressed about making time to see us, or doing tedious paperwork.

 Our dedicated and fully licensed team provides expert advice, minimising risks, helping you navigate obstacles to facilitate a smooth transfer of ownership. Our services are also priced at fixed rates, providing excellent value given the expertise clients can benefit from.

Conveyancing Online For Your Convenience

Conveyancing Services We Provide

  • Advice for first home buyers including the First Home Buyers Grant
  • Existing house
  • Vacant land
  • Apartment / Townhouse / Units
  • Strata
  • Commercial Property
  • Farm
  • Advice in regard to real estate
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts
  • Conveyancing of industrial and commercial sites
  • Auction Contracts and off-the-plan purchases
  • Cost appraisal including stamp duty, and disbursements such as search and registration fees
  • Property tenancy including joint tenants and tenants in common
  • The cooling off period and deposits
  • Execution of contracts and settlement
  • Adjustments to the purchase price in regard to rates and allowances
  • Advice in regard to easements and covenants on title searches
  • Liasing and communicating with the relevant financial institutuions in regards to mortgages, discharges or mortgages, loans and deposit bonds
  • Vendors Statement, special conditions and general conditions
  • Property Title including Torrens and strata
  • Building Approval search- Form 10 Building Works Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions
About Property Conveyancing

Q: How Long Does Conveyancing Take?

Many first-time homebuyers are surprised how long the process of purchasing a property can actually take. The expected time frame can typically take between 8 and 12 weeks. This from first instructing your conveyancer to actually moving into your new home. Keep in mind time frames will vary.

If the conveyancer’s searches uncover unexpected information, further work may be needed.

Q: What Do Conveyancing Fees Include?

Conveyancing is the legal process that ensures payments are sent and received correctly and the appropriate paperwork is in order with the property.

There’s a great deal of work involved with conveyancing. For example: a large part of the work involves a number of title searches, scrutinizing contracts, working closely with your buyer/seller’s conveyancers or solicitors, and communicating with estate agents.
Here is a detailed list of what  a conveyancer does for you.

Q: What Happens When I Ask For A Quote?

After welcoming you, we like to ask a few questions to target exactly which services you require. For example, key questions asked will cover aspects such as: What type of property conveyancing, domestic, rural, farming, industrial, commercial do you need? What are the  critical dates, or time frames? Do you need a contract? Are you happy with your contract? Have you experienced the conveyancing process previously? and so on.

We use this information to prepare the best quote possible for your unique situation. Every situation is unique, so we listen carefully.

Q: Will The Same Person Take Care Of Me ?

We take your confidence and trust in us seriously. Buying and selling any type of property is one of the most important things in life and we ensure professional and friendly service to warrant a smooth transaction.

You’ll have our professional team working for you including a Licensed Conveyancer who’ll be your main contact person throughout. You can rest assured you’re being taken care of.

Q: What And Why Are Searches Important?

Searches are Legal Certificates disclosing all the necessary property legalities you need for the property transaction to go ahead. These cover rates and  financial amounts owed. Searches give your professional conveyancer full scope to do their detective work to safely manage any risks to you.

Limited searches means possible issues which may not be discovered. We may recommend optional searches. For example, a Building Approval Search will reveal any Permit issued within the last 10 years – but does not of course disclose any works which may have been carried out without a Building Permit. You don’t want a letter from the Council ordering you to tear it down. These searches are optional as they are an extra cost.

Q: We See Others Offering Cheaper Fees

Some conveyancing firms may say their fees are Less Expensive. The risk to you means they may not obtain full detailed information affecting the property. The danger is you may not be protected against the risks associated with purchasing a Property.

At South East Conveyancing we guarantee never to compromise on search quality for your protection. Our Searches maximise your valuable protection.

Remember this will most likely be the largest financial purchase you’ll make in your life. We strongly recommend investing in protection to give you peace of mind and confidence.

Your Conveyancing
Needs Covered

Things to Think About When Choosing A Licensed Conveyancer To Represent You

We’ve all heard the horror stories of unprofessional representatives not doing their conveyancing jobs properly. Deciding on a Licensed Conveyancer who will competently help you every step of the way of your sale or purchase is hard. As a first time property buyer or seller, you don’t know what to expect from the maze of legal red tape! This is what we often hear from clients: How do we know which is the best offer/s from either coneyancers or solicitors? How do we know our property transaction will be done correctly?

At South East Conveyancing, we understand your concerns! Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering you value and highly competitive conveyancing fees. We know you don’t want to spend more money than you have to unnecessarily. In saying value, we mean what’s the best way of balancing costs with protection and what you are prepared to pay.  

Our quotes aim to strike this satisfactory balance.

Here Are Some Other Things You Should Take Into Consideration


As a licensed conveyancing firm, SouthEastConveyancing.com.au are required to hold the requisite professional indemnity insurance. What this means for you: you are legally protected in every way and our work is covered, providing you with greater protection at every stage.

Years Of Experience

We are pleased and proud to be able to say we offer the services of highly experienced professionals with years of hands on experience. We have seen it all and there is nothing we  cannot handle competently.  We are dedicated to the science of conveyancing and the most essential part for you,  on time settlement of your property.

In an ever changing legal industry, we make it a point to keep up with the latest legislation and professional compliance.

Call us for a friendly chat today.